If a business is located in an area that often experiences a lot of rain and high humidity levels, asphalt shingles that cover a rooftop are susceptible to mildew growth. Mildew streaks are often green in color and can affect the beauty of a building’s exterior. The following commercial roofing in Canton, MI project describes how to eliminate mildew streaks and prevent stains from forming again.


• weighted drop cloths

• ladder

• adjustable harness

• garden gloves

• power sprayer

• water hose

• detergent

• oxygenated bleach

• chlorine bleach

• scrub brush

• measuring tape

• utility knife

• sharp scissors

• flexible zinc strip

• cordless nail gun

• roofing nails

Removing Streaks

Weighted drop cloths need to be draped over property that surrounds a business to prevent grass or foliage from being exposed to a cleaning solution. A ladder should be secured next to a home by pressing the bottom of a ladder firmly against the ground. An adjustable harness should be worn around an individual’s shoulders and waist before climbing a ladder. After removing a power sprayer’s tank, a cleaning solution can be made by adding water, detergent and oxygenated bleach to a tank.

If stains on shingles are severe, chlorine bleach can be added to a sprayer’s tank to strengthen a cleaning solution. A scrub brush with a long handle should be moved rapidly back and forth over mildew streaks to remove them. A water hose can be used to remove a cleaning solution from shingles.

Securing A Zinc Strip

After shingles have dried, a measuring tape can be used to measure the length of a rooftop. A utility knife or sharp scissors should be used to cut a flexible zinc strip that is the same length as a roof. After climbing onto a rooftop, a zinc strip needs to be laid underneath the top row of shingles. The top of a strip can be slid underneath shingles to temporarily secure a strip.

Roofing nails should be inserted through the center of a strip. Nails need to be spaced out evenly. When it rains, zinc will mix with rainwater and run down the side of a roof. Zinc will provide roofing materials with a protective coating that will prevent mildew growth.

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