The primary goal of your local dentist is to provide you with the best smile possible. General dentistry offers immeasurable possibilities to correct conditions that could hinder this goal. Among the services offered to improve your smile are fillings, crowns, and root canals.

Do You Need Fillings?

Dentists repair cavities by drilling away all visible decay. They use fillings to repair these cavities. The resin is injected into the tooth to restore its shape and size. The dentists use a metallic filling for teeth located in the back of the mouth. All visible teeth are filled with a tooth-colored resin. The filling is sealed to prevent further damage.

Installing a Crown

General Dentistry in Littleton offers the use of crowns to restore your smile. A crown fits over the entire tooth. Severely damaged teeth are improved through these installations. A composite mold is acquired to begin this process.

The dentist grinds the affected tooth into a cone-like shape. They place the crown over the cone shape. It is secured with an industrial-grade adhesive. The installed crown provides a natural-looking replacement for the damaged tooth.

If the affected tooth is a front tooth, select dentists may install a crown on surrounding teeth. This prevents the tooth from appearing disproportionate. The goal is to restore a natural-looking smile for the patient.

How a Root Canal is Performed

A root canal is offered through General Dentistry in Littleton area. The process requires the dentist to drill a hole into the affected tooth. The pulp of the tooth is removed completely.

Next, the dentist injects a composite resin into the tooth to replace the pulp. This eliminates the nerve completely. Lastly, the tooth is sealed completely. For severely damaged teeth, this process could be the last resort to prevent a necessary extraction.

General Dentistry focuses on the overall health of your teeth and gums. This includes ensuring that your teeth look healthy and offer you a beautiful smile. Restorative services are used for these purposes. The type of restoration required depends on how extensively the tooth is damaged. To acquire more information about tooth restoration and general dentistry contact your preferred dentist now.
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