In Indiana, trucking companies order parts replacement services when their commercial trucks aren’t operating properly. The services minimize wear and tear on the vehicle and protect the trucking company’s investment. A local service provider could offer detailed information about Hydraulic Parts in Gary Indiana used by trucking companies.

What is the Cylinder Head?

The cylinder head is used to seal off the far end of the pressure chamber. It accepts the seal gland via the rod sealing that is integrated into the component. It is either bolted or threaded to the body of the chamber when it is manufactured. A gasket is installed when connecting the cylinder head and the cylinder barrel.

What is the Cylinder Barrel?

The cylinder barrel is used to maintain pressure in the hydraulic cylinder. The surface of the cylinder barrel measures up to sixteen microinches. A piston is used to assist the cylinder to maintain the pressure, and the component is ground internally when it is manufactured.

What is the Piston?

The piston is used to cause a separation of pressure into specific zones of the cylinder barrel. The component is manufactured to operate via grooves that are fitted with bearings and seals. The piston makes the hydraulic cylinder expand due to the pressure that builds up on each side of the piston. Piston rods are attached to the piston itself via bolts and cause the transfer of linear motion.

What is the Piston Rod?

The piston rod is constructed of steel, and it is connected to the piston directly. The component connects to the piston and flows throughout the piston completely. It connects the actuator to the hydraulic braking system installed in a commercial truck. When the component is manufactured, the piston rod is polished and sealed off to prevent leaks.

In Indiana, trucking companies maintain their trucks by replacing failing or faulty components. The maintenance services prevent common issues that lead to trucking accidents. Faulty parts such as brakes must be replaced according to DOT and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration laws and regulations. Trucking companies that need to purchase Hydraulic Parts in Gary Indiana or schedule replacement services contact Miller Hydraulic Service Inc now.

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