In Virginia, auto accidents are a serious risk for all residents traveling throughout local highways. These risks are increased at any time drivers fail to comply with traffic laws. It is these traffic laws that increase liabilities and could lead the driver to become the defendant in a lawsuit. The following is a review of probabilities that could happen with auto accident attorneys in Norfolk, VA.

DUI and Fatal Accidents

DUIs increase the odds of a fatal accident due to the fact that the driver cannot control the vehicle fully. Their level of intoxication can determine the risk involved with this unethical choice. If a driver is deemed at fault and guilty of a DUI, they face additional charges if the victim dies. In some cases, these charges could equate to murder.

Commercial Trucking Accidents

Commercial trucking accidents occur for a variety of reasons, including a failure by the driver to obey federal regulations. Accidents could happen when driving while too exhausted. Additionally, if the driver failed to check in at a weighing station, the accident could be caused due to an unbalanced load.

Product Liabilities Connected to Traffic Accidents

Product liabilities that are connected to traffic accidents are often associated with parts, repairs, or the automobile itself. After an accident, an investigation may determine that the vehicle or parts manufacturer is liable due to releasing dangerous products. However, a full assessment must be performed to make these distinctions.

Comparative Fault Rulings

Comparative fault indicates that the victim was also at fault in the accidents. These indications show that the victim could have been guilty of a moving violation as well. If it is proven that the victim was guilty, their award is reduced by the percentage assigned by the judge.

In Virginia, auto accidents lead to injuries that could affect the victim for their entire lives. These conditions could present them with disfigurement, complex broken bones, or a serious disability, which could all prevent them from supporting themselves financially. Victims who need assistance from auto accident attorneys in Norfolk, VA can visit the website for more information right now.

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