Roofing Contractors in Fort Collins, CO, Talk About Roof Insulation

by | Dec 16, 2022 | Roofing

Insulating your roof is one of the most crucial things you can do to keep your house warm throughout the winter while the outside temperature continues to decrease. Additionally, insulation helps keep your home’s temperature reasonable throughout the summer by preventing extra heat from entering.

In this post, roofing contractors in Fort Collins, CO, talk more about roof insulation and what you need to know.

Why Insulate Your Roof

The amount of energy and money you’ll save by installing roof insulation on your house is its primary benefit. Experts estimate that adequately insulating your existing or newly constructed home should reduce energy use by 10 to 20% while lowering your monthly heating costs and CO2 emissions. Without insulation, moisture from rain or melting snow can cause damage that cannot be repaired and can even cause mold to grow.

What to Look for in Roof Insulation

Remember to carefully inspect the state of your roof before selecting whether to DIY the installation or hire an insulating specialist. It can be feasible to complete the task on your own if the area is accessible and doesn’t exhibit any wetness indicators. But it’s generally preferable to employ roofing contractors in Fort Collins CO, if there are leaks or mold. Your insulation will lose effectiveness if there is room for heat to escape or cold air to enter.

When you decide to add insulation to your house, be careful to familiarize yourself with the building rules in your state to ensure you adhere to or surpass the standards. Your R-value climatic zone and the necessary measurements for your insulation needs may be determined.

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