Although a gas furnace is designed for safe operation, numerous things may go wrong over the course of a unit’s life. Fortunately, most safety issues are easily avoidable and readily resolved. Below are several important tips for owners of homes with gas furnaces in Oklahoma City, OK.

Get Regular Maintenance

Hiring a local technician for seasonal maintenance is one of the best things a homeowner can do to ensure a furnace’s safe operation. During a service call, the tech will check for problems in the heat exchanger and other areas. After a thorough diagnosis, repair recommendations are made.

Change the Filter Often

It’s important to change the unit’s air filter regularly, especially during the winter. A dirty, clogged filter may inhibit airflow and overheat the heat exchanger, leading to a potential carbon monoxide leak.

Keep the Furnace Area Clear

Although the unit may be hidden in a corner or closet, homeowners should not store any combustible products in the area. Be sure to keep the area around the furnace uncluttered to reduce fire risk and make the unit accessible when routine maintenance is required.

Locate the Shutoff Valve

Many homeowners aren’t sure how to handle a gas leak, and in many cases, these leaks aren’t noticed until it is almost too late. To reduce the risk of an explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning, learn where the gas shutoff valve is located and how to turn it off in an emergency.

Consider Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Every home with gas appliances is at risk of a deadly carbon monoxide leak. Detectors can provide enough of a warning to allow everyone to get out of the home before they become ill. Those with gas furnaces in Oklahoma City, OK can ask their technician about carbon monoxide detector installation during the next service call.

Call an Expert If There’s a Problem

Is the furnace making odd noises or emitting strange smells? Anytime something goes wrong with the furnace; it’s time to call a pro. DIY repairs are dangerous, but the experts at can do the job safely. Call today or visit the website to schedule service.

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