Not all auto recycling involves melting down the materials cars are made from. Instead, companies like Express Auto Recycling take the time to strip a car of its useful parts so that they can offer affordable alternatives to buying the parts new. Thanks to these firms, it’s possible to get great auto parts online in Murfreesboro at a fraction of the price other sources would charge. This practice also makes it possible for owners of vintage cars to get OEM replacement parts that are no longer being produced by the manufacturer.

Of course, many of the parts that are in cars that have been sent to a junkyard are no longer of any use. Thanks to today’s scrap metal prices, these parts aren’t left to rust in stacks in the yard. Instead, they’re recycled for their metal content. The metal is then used to make new items by a variety of customers.

Since scrap metal doesn’t have to come from a car to be useful, some auto recyclers also accept random scrap. This is paid for according to the current market price for the type of metal the items contain. Because of this, it’s likely that you will see all sorts of metal objects being brought to a recycling company.

When it comes to obtaining auto parts, some cost savings can be obtained by going to the yard and removing, or “pulling,” the desired parts off of the cars yourself. Whether a yard will allow this depends on its liability insurance and other policies. One company that allows self-service is Express. For those who don’t want to have to do their own parts removal, it’s possible to get auto parts online in Murfreesboro. While you’ll have to pay a bit more to cover the company’s labor costs, you’ll enjoy the convenience of having the parts delivered right to you. Not only that, the parts will already be warranted.

Whether you decide to have a part sent to you or drive to the Murfreesboro area to pull your own, you’ll save plenty of money by using a salvage yard. Give it a try, and you likely won’t want to bother with new parts anymore.

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