People and businesses are downsizing these days to save money on rent and mortgages. There is enough space for the family or retail displays, but not much storage space for belongings and inventory. Locking into a long contract or spending a small fortune on a storage unit defeats the purpose of downsizing. However, parting with personal belongings can be difficult, so a small, affordable storage unit is an option for storage solutions in York, PA. A business that has extra inventory, is required to keep records for a certain number of years, or has seasonal items to store can find a perfect unit that’s sized to hold items without costing a lot of money.

A month-to-month lease for units is ideal because items can be removed if more space is allocated or if a relocation is scheduled. That business that is moving to a larger building may not have to maintain a storage unit any longer. The convenience of no contract makes it easier to clean out the unit and save that monthly expenditure. People moving from an apartment to a house can provide thirty days notice and not have to worry about getting out of that three-year contract. Some companies, such as A Better Rate Storage, offer low pricing on storage units with no contract to sign just to give clients an excellent deal.

Compare storage solutions in York, PA to determine which place has the size of unit needed, provides security levels that match comfort levels with risk, and offers the most convenient added services. Storage units typically range from twenty-four square feet to over twelve-hundred square feet. Many companies offer only a few of the most common sizes. Larger companies have the capacity to offer a wide variety of sizes to accommodate any needs and preferences.

Security is another area that differs greatly from company to company. Some have live security guards around the clock, which is secure but also expensive. Security cameras are sufficient if there are enough to cover the whole place. A full-perimeter fence with an access control gate is a high level of security. It also allows people to have twenty-four-hour access to their belongings.

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