If teeth are severely damaged due to illnesses and/or injuries that tooth-preserving measures no longer make sense, it may be smart to see a Cosmetic Dentist in West Fargo ND. With the help of implantology, dentists can competently provide patients with high-quality fixed dental restorations, which are very similar to natural teeth regarding aesthetics and functionality.

What is implantology?

Corresponding implants are anchored in areas affected by tooth loss in the jawbone and take on the tasks of natural teeth in the best possible way. In comparison to removable dentures, implants have many advantages: A high degree of implant-specific wearing comfort means that patients hardly notice a difference. In addition, implants stimulate the jawbone in much the same way as natural teeth do.

As a result, the bone substance is protected against various risks that occur in the course of wearing removable dentures. Implants can be easily kept clean with the rest of the mouth as part of home-based dental cleaning and do not have to be removed from the oral cavity for this purpose. Also, the decision for a dental implant (unlike the construction of a dental bridge) does not require any proportionate removal of undamaged neighboring teeth.

How are implants structured?

Dentistry has a variety of implant variants available. Based on a comprehensive dental examination, your Cosmetic Dentist in West Fargo ND will start by assessing which dental implant is best suited to your findings. Factors influencing implant selection include, for example, the status of your overall dental health and the density of your jawbone.

As a rule, dental implants have a multi-part structure – implant cylinders serve to anchor the implant in the jawbone and, thus, form the implant base. If the implant is ultimately connected to the surrounding bone substance and offers a similar hold as a natural tooth root, it is supplemented by an artificial tooth crown, which represents the visible portion of the implant. Various implants also have a connecting element between the implant and the tooth crown.

Many implants are made of high-quality titanium, which is usually very well tolerated and hardly leads to allergic reactions. With its high resistance, titanium contributes to the long life of dental implants. Visit Smile Care Family & Cosmetic Dentistry for more details. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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