Selecting A Company For OD Grinding

by | Dec 11, 2018 | Tool Grinding Service

For any type of part or component OEM, choosing the right partner to provide ID and OD grinding, or full cylindrical grinding is always an important choice. There are many different companies offering grinding services, but not all have the capability, equipment, and the expertise to complete all types of projects and jobs.

It may be tempting to search either for a local company to choose a service based on price alone. While price and logistics factors are always an issue, if the local business is not able to complete the OD grinding to your schedule or to your specifications, there are no cost savings involved in using that company.

Experience in the Industry

The old saying that there is no substitute for experienced is true with all types of grinding services. When there is a need to provide uniform, precise components and parts such as shafts, cylinders, taper grinds, or contoured parts, experience and expertise are critical.

Expertise is also essential in operators. Choosing the right grinding tools, the right setup for the process and even maintaining quality control are all essential considerations for quality grinding services. Experienced companies should have a clear quality control process in place, and they should be able to work to the tolerances required by the OEM.


There are many different options to consider in the choice of machines, grinding wheels and processes to consider with OD grinding. The ability to use CNC machines produces highly accurate parts and components at a faster speed and with greater consistency than possible with manual grinding equipment.

Equipment needs to be well maintained and should use the latest in software and machines for CNC precision grinding tasks. Companies should also provide information on the equipment they have on the workroom floor, allowing OEMs to have a clear picture of the grinding capacity and capability the service offers.

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