Many people are confused about the location of the stomach and the bowels. The stomach is actually underneath your lower left rib cage. The bowels (the small and large intestines) are in the center of the abdomen below the ribs. The small intestines, being the most central, are under the navel; and the large intestine makes its way clockwise around the perimeter, beginning at the lower right quadrant of the abdomen.

To relieve sluggish bowels and improve the general health of your abdomen, use this self-massage technique known as ampuku.

Lie on your back with your knees bent. Pay attention to your breath.

Place your hands over the navel, and then move them to the lower right quarter of your abdomen.

On the next exhalation, press your fingers down, penetrating the abdomen, toward your back. Finish pressing when you’ve finished your exhale.

As you inhale, release the pressure and reposition the fingers, moving them up an inch or to two in the direction of your lower right ribs.

Repeat the finger pressure pattern; down on your exhalation, release on inhalation, then reposition the fingers. You’ll follow the perimeter of the abdomen moving in a clockwise direction. This is the same path that the waste material follows as it moves through the large intestine.

When you return to the place of origin, continue around once again, this time spiraling in toward the navel as you move your fingers to each new location. This technique can be repeated several times.

You may also use this technique on others. Be sure to stay connected to your breath as you do the work, and use their exhalation as a guide for when to apply pressure to their abdomen. Always move in a clockwise direction.

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