There are many factors, which make Indians that are settled in overseas send money to their families back in India. It could be to aid their family medical expenditures or assist the educational endeavors of relatives. Another factor is ensuring the financial stability of their relatives in India. An NRI would want the money transfer process to be simple and convenient. There are many reasonable modes of money transfer to India. Traditional transfers like bank cheques can be cumbersome and create uncertainty. The best way is to go online for the transaction.

For many people, a bank cheque/wire transfer is one of the common ways of transferring money to India from Germany. Number of people switching to online money transfer is all countless though, online money transfer seems to be the best way. For them, online money transfer will transfer money to India within 48 to 96 hours. RemitGuru can assist you for such kind of Remittance. For first-class online remittance service visit our website for your future remittances.

RemitGuru is a personalized online remittance facility presented by Avenues, India’s biggest and prominent ecommerce service provider. RemitGuru makes certain that money transfers to India from Indians that are settled abroad takes place smoothly. The service is handy and offers you many payment and delivery means. The reach of the service is worldwide and it has the most affordable service costs. Also, unlike other online remittance providers, RemitGuru gives you an opportunity to pay the utility bills of your relatives and family. It also enables you to send them gifts by shopping on Indian websites.

RemitGuru allows you to meet the expense of these gifts and pay the bills directly from your local bank account.

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