Business or holiday travelers can all benefit from the conveniences offered by serviced apartments in Nairobi. This is an especially ideal option if the stay is for an extended length of time. For the most part, there is the consideration of cost. Overall price is typically less in a serviced apartment than that of a hotel. Therefore, the ability to save a great deal of money is the main convenience. There is also the business side of this option. Many companies are choosing to secure serviced housing instead of corporate room rates, especially on the international sector. These are only a couple of the mitigating reason that serviced apartments are mainstream in Nairobi.

The Service Factor

There is more to space than meets the eye until you don’t have the space you need. Holiday and business travelers alike, both appreciate the convenience of having the space offered in serviced apartments. This is not a convenience that hotels offer and is definitely a must have if the stay is an extended one indeed. There are some business trips that require the employee or partner to relocate temporarily and family may join them from time to time. The apartment will present the at home feel that hotels lack and it offers much more time for the guest to enjoy his family in the privacy of a home like setting.

Household Options

In need of household utilities, appliances and other convenient household needs, the serviced apartment comes equipped with these options. Ready to use upon move-in, is the best benefit for families residing in the serviced apartments. If the stay will be for an extended amount of time, the traveler may wish to prepare their own food or entertain guests with a meal prepared at home. The appliance availability doesn’t just end in the kitchen but other state-of-the art options are entertainment components, central heating, laundry appliances and other major add-ons that make this an exceptional option for the long term visitor. The in-house services that are offered to the residents are a big help to those who choose to use this option over that of the hotel. Many of the options were not standardly available in the apartments but more contemporary features make them the norm and widely utilized. Most travelers who are exposed to the benefits of a serviced apartment in Nairobi will almost never go back to hotel lodging by any choice of their own.

Serviced Apartments in Nairobi are the most common lodging option among travelers. Wasini All Suite Hotel values the convenience of service options for lodging.


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