An Automotive Locksmith in Victor, NY is a locksmith that specializes in handling vehicle lock issues and services. In most cases, these services will include: the reproduction of newer keys; lockouts; duplication of auto keys; transponder and fob key programming; cutting keys with a code; extraction of broken keys; and door and ignition lock repairs. Some of the specific services offered by a locksmith are highlighted here.


Key Transponders

The services that are provided by an Automotive Locksmith in Victor, NY to program transponders are not cheap, but well worth the investment. You should call the service you are using ahead of time to ensure that they offers services for your particular vehicle. It is important to have a professional program your transponder due to the fact that the proper code has to be programmed in order to have the car turn on. This system was originally introduced to help decrease the instances of vehicle related crimes. If you have a transponder that is faulty or missing, then the vehicle will not be able to start.

Duplicate Vehicle Keys

If you lock yourself out of your vehicle, a duplicate vehicle key can come in handy. The fact is that a set of lost car keys can ruin your entire day, which is why purchasing duplicates can help to prevent headaches and stress. Additionally, the services that are offered to duplicate your vehicle keys are not expensive, making it a very smart investment.

Milled Vehicle Keys

Milling of a key is a type of process where flat, irregular or curved surfaces are created with a machine. This is done by feeding a key into a machine which places it against a rotating cutter that contains a number of different cutting edges. In order to duplicate these keys it takes a special type of machine, which is usually owned by the majority of vehicle locksmith services. In most cases, the machine is referred to as a flip key due to the way in which the blade stores inside of the key fob and then flips out when you push a button.

An Automotive Locksmith service will provide you with any lock and key needs you may have regarding your vehicle.

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