Optometrists hold a Doctor of Optometry, or an O.D., which takes college followed by four more years of school that teaches and practices optometry. An Optometrist Andover KS provides a wide range of services for adults, seniors, glaucoma, laser eye surgery, ocular disease management, cataract, pediatric care, vision therapy, and other services related to the health of your eyes. The following will discuss some of these services provided by optometrists.

Eye Exams

These eye doctors perform eye exams. This is how you find out if there is a problem with your eyes, if you need glasses, if you can wear contacts, or if you have any kind of eye disease or damage. The average appointment takes about 20 to 30 minutes.


An Optometrist Andover KS office can perform eye surgeries of various types. They can remove foreign objects from your eyes, make repairs to your cornea, and provide laser surgery for vision correction and other eye problems.


Optometrists are known for teaching their patients how to take care of their eyes and offer preventative care solutions to help their patients avoid eye disease. They use nutrition and education to help reduce the risks of eye infections, viruses, and other things that affect your eye health and/or vision.


Eye rehab is an area of specialty where an Optometrist Andover KS helps patients after eye injuries or surgeries. They provide services for athletes to help with hand-eye coordination, provide care services for people with prosthetic eyes, and treat various types of injuries in the eye.

Eye health is an important aspect of your overall general health. It is important to see your eye doctor once a year or as recommended to ensure your eyes are healthy and make changes to your vision correction prescriptions when necessary. Seeing your optometrist regularly will also help with the early detection of eye disease like glaucoma and other eye disorders that occur as you age. The Grene Vision Group has a staff that is dedicated to helping people take better care of their eyes. This Optometrist Andover KS office also offers other eye services by qualified ophthalmologists. They can help your whole family with their eye care needs.

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