Services Provided by Funeral Directors in Middletown

by | Oct 7, 2013 | Cremation

Funeral Directors Middletown are there to help the living cope with the process of dealing with both the remembrance of someone who has died as well as with the physical remains. Funeral directors wear many hats. They are scientists who can prepare a body according to health department standards so that the grieving can have a viewing, if they wish. Some families and cultures do not participate in viewings, the family relies on the funeral director to nonetheless prepare the body for burial. The funeral director also acts like a counselor for the grieving, acts as host for viewings, and helps others to plan for their own funeral in advance.

Funeral Directors in Middletown make it easy for those who want to send flowers or another form of remembrance or tribute to a grieving family. They have a store on the website where visitors can order funeral flowers or a gift basket to be delivered to someone’s home. Visitors can order more unique remembrance gifts. There are several options in garden stones as a tribute, which are engraved with comforting messages and are able to sit outside. Other gifts include picture frames, angel statues, candle holders, music boxes, and wind chimes.

The John P. Condon Funeral Home recognizes pet loss as part of life, and the need for pet owners to be able to grieve for the loss of their family pets. There are garden accent stones to remember the pet, jewelry with paw prints, picture frames, and books on dealing with pet loss and helping children cope with the loss of a pet.

Not only do they have a memorial gift section for those who have lost animals, but they also do pet cremations and pet services. These are services that are rarely provided at regular funeral homes, but pet owners appreciate that a funeral home recognizes their grief and offers them such services. Pet owners have the reassurance of knowing that they can have their pet cremated with full assurance that they will get all of their pet’s ashes back and no other pet ashes will be mixed in. The family will receive the pet’s ashes back in an urn.

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