Services That Are Provided By J & S AIR INC In Austin, TX

by | Jul 17, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

In Texas, property owners set up service contracts with local HVAC contractors to manage their heating and cooling systems. The service contracts entitle the owners to specific services throughout the year. They could include but are not limited to, seasonal cleaning, parts replacements, and risk assessments. J & S AIR INC in Austin TX provides homeowners with service contracts to acquire the services.

New Heating and Cooling Installations

The service provider assesses the units thoroughly to determine if repairs are possible. Under conditions that the unit cannot be repaired, the technicians provide homeowners with assistance. They can present the homeowner with a variety of options for new units based on the owner’s requirements. They offer a complete estimate for the unit and installation services. They also offer financing for selected options through their finance department.

Common Repair Services

The technicians can provide common repair services such as major component replacements. They can also provide parts replacements through the service contract. This option could lower the overall expense for major components and parts that support the components. This could lower the risk of a service disruption or the need for a new unit.

Maintenance Options for Heating and Cooling

Maintenance services are vital parts of managing heating and cooling systems. The services eliminate common risks that could lead to systems failure. The risks could include blockages due to debris or pet hair accumulating in the unit. They also include potential leaks that could present health or environmental risks.

Ventilation Cleaning and Mold Remediation

The technicians also clean the ventilation systems to determine if condensation has lead to mold developments. Mold developments can lead to serious health risks including respiratory illnesses. By cleaning the ventilation system properly, the service provider lowers the risks of health issues for the homeowner.

In Texas, property owners schedule necessary services to lower common risks associated with heating and cooling systems. This includes potential gas leaks and emissions as well as issues that could hinder performance levels. Property owners who need the services can contact J & S AIR INC in Austin TX or Visit the Website to discover more about the available services.

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