Exterior surfaces are subjected to extreme weather elements, and that can cause them to degrade and lead to unsightly stains. Some sealants can help reduce the effects of natural elements, but they will still require periodic cleaning. One of the easiest ways to clean surfaces that are exposed to natural elements is to use Sand Blasting in CT. It is not only effective but can clean items without the use of harsh chemicals or solvents. The following are just a few of the many items that can be restored through the sandblasting process.

Head Stones Grave Markers

Most headstones are constructed of granite and are sealed to help prevent sun bleaching and the absorption of stains. With time, however, mold and mildew can collect on the surface and leave a headstone dingy and hard to read. The easiest way to clean and restore them is to utilize Sand Blasting in CT. It will make quick work of removing the toughest stains, and ensure a grave marker can be easily read.

Boats and Trailers

Boats and trailers are subjected to a wide array of outdoor elements. In addition to contaminants in a lake or river, a boat is also subjected to rain and other natural forms of precipitation. A pressure washer can be effective in removing stains but can require the use of potent chemicals to break through tough dirt and grime. A sand blaster can make it a simple process and have any boat and trailer looking new in no time.

Copper Surfaces

Most copper finishes will develop a patina as they are exposed to water and air, and while this is desired by some homeowners, others may find the result unappealing. Copper polish can be useful in removing a patina finish, but large areas could require a significant amount of the polish and take several hours to complete. Sandblasting can remove the patina and any other impurities and have a copper surface looking like new.

Don’t live with dirty exterior surfaces, when a sand blaster can restore them quickly and easily. Contact us at Shelley Brothers Monuments to learn more about the sand blasting surfaces offered. No matter the surface, they will have the expertise to have it looking like new again. Call today to get a free quote and make maintaining items exposed to weather as simple as possible.

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