While a chimney often provides interest architecturally to a home’s design, it can also be the reason that a home goes up in smoke. The function of the chimney is to transport flue gases from a fireplace or wood stove to the outside of a home. Therefore, many homeowners do not think about their chimney’s condition when they are basking in the glow of the fire in their hearth. However, if you want to keep enjoying your wood stove or fireplace, you need to consider your chimney’s function.

Why an Inspection Is Important

If you do not schedule Severna Park chimney cleaning and repairs, you may end up feeling some regret. A chimney that is neglected can lead to a chimney fire – one that can change your life in a day. A slow-burning fire in a chimney may not receive enough fuel or air to be noticed. That is why you need to have your chimney inspected before the situation gets out of control.

The Chimney’s Function

While a fireplace is designed to contain a wood fire and provide heat, the chimney cannot support this operation if it is overlooked. That is why chimney cleaning and repairs should be done regularly. A chimney’s job is to get rid of combustible by-products or the substances created by burning wood.

How Creosote Forms

Some of these substances include water, vapor, smoke, gases, and wood particles that have not burned. Other substances include tar fog and hydrocarbons. When these substances emerge at the top of the chimney, condensation occurs. In turn, a residue called creosote sticks to the inside of the chimney.

A Dangerous Substance

Professionals that provide chimney cleaning and repairs state that creosote is a brown or black substance that can either be flaky or crust-like. It often is shiny and sticky. All types of creosote can be combusted easily. If the material accumulates in sufficient quantities, a fire will result.

Reduce Your Fire Risk

Visit Priddy Clean today to learn more about chimney maintenance and repair. Reduce the risk of a fire by making a call now.

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