It’s not uncommon for snake or bird of prey owners to become frustrated with feeding their pet live prey. With so many things that can and do go wrong during the feeding process, turning to another alternative is often the best way to go. Frozen rodents not only eliminate the risk of prey becoming violent towards your pet when they aren’t killed instantly, but they are also more convenient for pet owners to feed and store. If you’re tired of dealing with the hassle of live prey, now is the time to make the switch to frozen.

Ordering Online
One of the major perks of going with Frozen Rodents is that they can quickly and easily be ordered online. The prey will arrive at your front door pre-frozen and in vacuum sealed packs. These packs are designed to lie flat, which makes them convenient and easy to store right in your freezer at home. When ready to feed, simply cut the vacuum packaging and allow the rodent to thaw. There are no inconvenient trips to the pet store and no dealing with the live prey until your pet is ready to feed.

High Quality
The frozen rodents that you order through a reputable supplier will be the highest quality possible. This means that the rats and mice are fed special diets to ensure that your pet will be receiving as much nutritional value as possible. Many companies also go as far as to ensure the rats and mice have access to only purified drinking water and fresh air at all times. In the long run, this can really make a difference for the snake or bird who will be consuming the prey.

Pet Owners or Other Situations
On top of being ideal for pet owners, frozen prey is also very convenient for zoos, breeders and nature centers who are looking for a convenient way to ensure feeding is done properly and humanely. Rats and mice can be ordered in various quantities, making it incredibly easy to facilitate larger orders if necessary. No matter what your needs may be, rest assured that frozen prey is the safest and most convenient way to ensure your snakes or birds of prey get the nutrition they need.

Perfect Prey offers a wide variety of pre-frozen prey at affordable prices. If you’re interested in learning more about their frozen rats or mice, visit their website at to check out their helpful FAQ section. You can also order online right now.

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