The choice of whether to choose brand new kitchen cabinets, or instead choose cabinet refinishing in Atlanta during your kitchen overhaul can be distracting and hard to accomplish. At Cabinet Transformations Kitchen and Bath, they know that you want only the best for your kitchen remodel. If your cabinets can be refinished, that is the best option. Read on below for some signs that it’s okay to refinish your cabinets, instead of buying new when you are doing a kitchen remodel.

You Like the Cabinet Doors You Have Now

If you like the cabinet doors you have now, then kitchen cabinet refinishing in Atlanta may be the right step for you. It is important to know that material matters when choosing whether to refinish, reface, or replace your kitchen cabinets. Your best bet in this instance is to talk to the professionals who are handling your remodel and see what they recommend based on the material your current cabinets are made of.

Your Wood is Intact

Of course, if there are chips, breaks or rotting wood in your cabinets, you will want to go with a complete overhaul. Inspect your cabinets well before making a final decision and you should be fine. If you are unsure whether your cabinets would do well with refinishing, ask the contractors who are doing the project for you, and they will be willing to help to determine if your wood is intact and capable of being refinished.

These are just a few of the signs that you should consider kitchen cabinet refinishing in Atlanta instead of refacing or replacing your cabinets. For more information, contact the professionals at Kitchen Transformations Kitchen and Bath for help and answers to any of the remaining questions you might have.

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