Although there are people who attempt to handle a case of nursing home neglect by themselves, the complexity of the law is such that they are really doing themselves and their loved one a disservice. With the unknowns in cases of this nature it is always best to have a Chicago nursing home neglect lawyer on your side. This lawyer understands the law and how to get results.

Why should you hire a nursing home neglect lawyer?

The law is complex so are nursing home neglect cases; everyone is different and only a skilled lawyer knows the proper approach to take to ensure satisfaction. The lawyer will be faced with having to gather numerous facts otherwise it will prove impossible to win the case based on evidence. Seasoned nursing home neglect lawyers know what to look for and they know how to take the facts and compile them into a winning case.

A Chicago nursing home neglect lawyer is very familiar with the warning signs of neglect, he or she is well positioned to answer all your questions and can:

    *    Investigate your claim that nursing home neglect is taking place
   *    Negotiating a realistic settlement by dealing directly with the nursing home administration
    *    Filing a law suit in the event an out of court settlement cannot be reached, and
    *    Taking other legal action if necessary

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is no longer a rare event, it is a growing trend. Statistics point to over five million new cases every year.

A seasoned Chicago nursing home neglect lawyer fully understands how important your elderly family members are to you, he or she will take an aggressive approach to solving the issues right from the outset. During the proceedings you can rest assured that your lawyer will keep you informed of what is happening and you can be assured that your lawyer will not make major decisions without first consulting with you.

If you have reason to believe your elderly loved one is being abused then you need to hire a Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer. You are invited to discuss the circumstances of your situation with the Law Office of Scott D. DeSalvo, LLC. Like us on our facebook page.

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