The majority of kitchen cabinets are exposed to more steam, water, and other damaging elements than cabinets in other parts of the home. Because homeowners need the cabinets to endure, they often have to be replaced before the other cabinets in the home. Some indications it is time to replace Kitchen Cabinets in El Paso TX can be found here.

Water Damage

Do the cabinets appear swollen or will they not close properly? Are they showing dark colored spots? If that is the case, the issue may be water damage. Since the majority of cabinets are made out of wood, water damage is likely. Wood is easily damaged by water, and there is quite a bit of water in the kitchen, especially if there is a leak somewhere.

Some of the main indications that water damage has occurred include:

  *    Warped wood

  *    Cabinets that are bubbling on the interior or exterior

  *    De-lamination on the exterior

  *    The wood has begun to blacken or change colors

  *    There are signs of mold present

  *    The doors won’t close or open properly

Frustrating Function

Another indication it may be time to invest in the replacement of Kitchen Cabinets in El Paso TX is if they are not functioning properly. In most cases the repair will not be an option if this issue is present. Regardless of how great the cabinets look, if they don’t open and close with ease, they are not going to be a functional part of the kitchen.

Soft Cabinets

Do the cabinets feel soft? Push on the sides of the cabinets and, if they feel soft, it may be an indication that they are extremely damaged. The sides of the cabinet are extremely important. If they aren’t in good condition, the homeowner should not waste their money to make aesthetic improvements.

When it comes to cabinets, it is imperative to determine when replacement is needed. When this time comes, working with a professional is the best course of action. To learn more about cabinet replacement and when it is needed, it is a good idea to contact the staff at The Window Depot.

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