Fallen or damaged trees can wind up posing a serious safety hazard to both surrounding buildings and their inhabitants. Any unstable tree should be dealt with immediately by calling an arborist or landscaping company for Emergency Tree Work in Arlington. For those who aren’t sure if the extent of their damage constitutes a serious emergency, read on to find out about a few signs that it’s time to take immediate action.

Storm Damage

It’s a good idea for property owners to head outside after every serious storm to make sure none of the trees on their properties have fallen, developed broken branches, or started leaning heavily to one side. If these warning signs are present, it’s always best to call a company that offers emergency services to have the tree or trees evaluated immediately. It is sometimes possible to safely remove just the affected branch or branches but, in some circumstances, removal is required to ensure the safety of residents and property.

Pests and Diseases

A severely diseased tree constitutes a danger to all of the other trees around it as well as any surrounding property that could be damaged in the event the tree becomes unstable. Property owners who want to minimize the chances of both property damage and losing other trees in the area to pests or diseases should be sure to call for immediate help. It can make the difference between containing the disease and possibly even saving the tree and winding up having to have multiple specimens removed.

Standing Dead Trees

Standing dead trees always pose a significant danger to the surrounding area, as there’s no telling where they will fall. Calling for emergency tree work in Arlington instead of waiting for them to come down of their own volition allows homeowners to control the angle at which they fall and avoid damage to nearby houses, outbuildings, and landscaping features. Just be sure to stay at a safe distance until the emergency crew has arrived and the tree has been taken down.

Get Started Today

Not all arborists, tree services, and landscaping companies offer emergency services. Property owners looking for one that does can visit Cambridge Landscape online to get started today.

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