In some situations, window issues are obvious, for example, cracked frame, cloudy glass, broken panes, etc. However, in some cases, the issues may be subtler. So, how can homeowners tell it’s time to call for Window Service In Jacksonville?

This isn’t a guessing game (thank goodness!). There are some tell-tale signs of problems that indicate window service, repair and replacement are needed. Get to know more about these signs, here.

Cloudy Glass or Condensation between the Panes

There should never be moisture between the panes of an efficient, “healthy” window. If a homeowner notices water droplets or a cloudy appearance, then it means the window seal is damaged. This means it’s time for professional service or repair.

Drafts Near or Around the Windows

A draft doesn’t just refer to a gale-force, frigid blast. It can be a slight breeze that occurs from time to time. Regardless of the force of the draft, this is a serious problem. One sign of a drafty window is if the temperature is much cooler next to it. If this is the case, the only option may be replacement.

Water Damage Around the Frame

Be sure to watch for any damp or dark areas around the window. Also, look for signs of mildew or mold growth close by. The intrusion of moisture usually occurs if there are tiny cracks or air leaks in the window frame. If this is the case, calling for professional Window Service in Jacksonville is a must.

Loud Sounds

In addition to the many energy benefits, new windows can also help reduce noise from outside sources. If a homeowner begins to hear more exterior noises than usual, it may be a sign that service is needed.

Don’t ignore window issues. Over time, they are only going to get worse. For homeowners who want more information about when it’s time to call for window repair or replacement, they can contact the staff at Universal Windows Direct of Jacksonville. Another option is to Click Here. The bottom line is, being informed is the best way to ensure a home’s windows remain efficient and that problems don’t become worse.

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