There are numerous reasons to see a dermatologist, ranging from painful acne to concerns about skin cancer and more. Not all skin doctors are the same, though, and finding the right one is essential to resolving those persistent skin problems quickly and effectively. Readers can find out what to look for by checking out the following signs of a great dermatologist in Lehigh Valley PA below for help deciding if they should look elsewhere for care.

Unrushed Appointments

No patient wants to feel like he or she is being rushed out of the office during an appointment. Dermatologists who focus more on the clock than on their patients’ charts and their physical conditions are far less likely to catch potentially serious issues early and provide adequate care. A good dermatologist will perform comprehensive exams and take the time needed to get to know their patients and the problems they are having.

Generous Samples

Most dermatologists offices will have access to product samples they can offer patients for free. Keeping a diverse array of product samples indicates that the doctor is genuinely committed to helping his or her patients find the best possible solution to meet their unique needs. It also means that patients will be able to try products for free before having to commit to buying often expensive prescription medications.

Focus on Medical Treatment

Some readers may not even realize there are two types of dermatologists. Cosmetic dermatologists focus their practices primarily on providing anti-aging skincare and addressing cosmetic, rather than medical, issues. Those who want to find a dermatologist in Lehigh Valley PA who has the training and experience to help them tackle difficult and potentially dangerous skin conditions should always seek the help of a medical dermatologist rather than a cosmetic practitioner.

Get Started Today

While it’s true that not all dermatologists’ offices are created equal, the search for the right dermatologist doesn’t have to be an insurmountable challenge. Browse our website to find out about common skin conditions and how they’re treated or call today to schedule a consultation with a well-respected local dermatologist who will offer the best possible care.

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