In many cases, it’s complex to determine if it’s time to have your residential pool replastered. With a commercial pool, the average timeline for plastering is about once a decade. There is no easy answer on the residential end, which means that looking for signs of problems is crucial. In this article, we will look at the things to watch for so you know if that time is coming soon.

Mineral Stains

One sign that you may need pool replastering in Peoria, AZ is the presence of mineral stains on your pool. Water contains many minerals and some of them, like iron and copper, can cause visual stains on the plaster of your swimming pool. If you notice this, it may be time to talk to a replastering expert to determine your options. Finding what is causing the stains and handling the problem is one option that may be available.

Discomfort While Swimming

This is one of the most common signs that your pool is due for replastering. You may notice that your bathing suit is getting torn on plaster or that your feet are being scratched up in your pool. One way to determine if this is a problem is by running a hand over the side of the pool and seeing if it is rough or unpleasant. If the answer is yes, you should speak with a pool professional.

Presence of Concrete

Underneath the plaster of your pool is often a material that appears to look like concrete. If you can see this on the floor of your pool, it is in need of replastering. What the plaster does is act as a waterproof layer to make swimming relaxing and fun. If you see areas that are rough and dark, it’s time to Replaster your pool.

Patchy Areas

Even if you don’t feel roughness on your skin while swimming, that doesn’t’ mean everything is working the way that it should be. Sometimes you may notice that there are patchy areas in the pool or dirt is gathering in cracks in the pool. This is another situation where replastering needs to occur before things get any worse.

Pool Replastering in Peoria, AZ

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