Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers and the Concept of Premises Liability

by | Dec 16, 2015 | Lawyers and Law Firms

One reason people hire slip and fall accident lawyers instead of trying to negotiate a settlement themselves is having to prove that the property owner is liable for the injury. Usually, accidents involving slipping are categorized as premises liability cases if the property owner was negligent about safety hazards. A common example is when nobody deals with ice forming on a sidewalk leading to the building. To qualify as negligent, the property owner or the manager assigned to oversee safety issues either did know or should have known about the problem. There may have been a weather forecast warning about freezing rain, or it may have been raining during the day and the temperatures dropped below freezing at some point.

The company’s insurer may deny a claim for compensation for various reasons. They may be able to provide some evidence that the injured person was not being careful; perhaps this person was reading text messages on the cell phone when the accident occurred. This might have been caught on the building’s surveillance cameras, or the insurer may have obtained statements from witnesses. Slip and fall accident lawyers know the factors pertinent to personal injury case law and how to show that the property owner is indeed responsible for this type of injury. Even if someone was distracted while walking on the icy sidewalk, this person still has reason to believe the sidewalk is safe. Someone with the company should have poured ice-melting salt or calcium carbonate on the concrete to prevent this type of incident.

Insurers are much less likely to offer a settlement in a case where liability is unclear if the person does not have legal representation. Hiring a firm such as Tom Crenney & Associates shows the insurance company that the injured person is serious about making a claim for compensation. The lawyers will investigate what was occurring at the time of the accident, such as what the weather conditions were like, whether other people had trouble walking on this sidewalk and whether the organization has a history of not addressing ice problems on the property. Get a FREE consultation!

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