No one wants to have to deal with teeth that are missing. When someone is missing teeth from their smile, they often feel ashamed of their appearance. Teeth can be lost due to decay, injuries, and gum disease. When someone is dealing with missing teeth, it is imperative they learn about implant dentistry in Suffolk County, NY. Implant dentistry allows individuals to overcome their missing teeth so they can have complete and beautiful smiles.

Implants Offer Permanent Tooth Replacement

Individuals who are missing teeth now have the option to seek Implant Dentistry in Suffolk County NY. Implants consist of three parts that are joined together to ensure the tooth is completely replaced with an alternative that will be as natural as possible.

When a patient seeks implant dentistry in Suffolk County, NY, they will first need to be examined by the dentist to determine if they meet the requirements of the procedure. If the patient is found to be a good candidate, they will go through two minor surgical procedures before their final prosthetic is put in place.

What to Expect From The Procedure

The first surgical procedure places the implant base into the jawbone. Once in place, the jawbone will accept the titanium and begin to grow new bone cells around it as it would in healing a broken bone. This process secures the implant base in place and makes it a permanent part of the jawbone so it will be able to perform as a normal tooth root would.

Once healing and bonding have taken place, the gum tissue will be reopened, and an abutment will be placed over the implant base. The abutment acts as a joiner and allows the implant base and prosthetic to be joined, so they become one working piece. The only visible portion of the implant will be the prosthetic.

Those who are interested in learning more about implant dentistry and how it is changing lives are urged to visit If you would like to schedule a consultation appointment, call the office right away to get started. They will help you through each stage in the process so you can have a complete smile.

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