Not everyone is ready to have all their electricity generated from solar energy, but they may still be very interested in Solar Hot Water Systems in Hawaii. The idea of cutting their water heating bills a substantial amount is appealing, especially in areas like Hawaii where electricity is expensive and many homeowners have electric water heaters. Installing a solar hot water system costs more than a conventional water heater, but the ongoing savings are significant. People may cut the water heating expense anywhere from 30 to 80 percent, depending on how many household residents there are and much hot water is normally used.

Hawaii is an ideal climate for solar power, since it’s warm and sunny there so much of the time. In regions with substantial cloud cover on many days of the year, solar power isn’t as reliable for full usage or even just for hot water. If people want to rely fully on water heated by solar energy, they typically have to time various activities according to the level of sunshine available. Solar batteries become drained after a few overcast days, and the household residents must wait to do laundry or wash dishes in warm or hot water. They may need to run the generator if they want to take a hot shower.

That doesn’t normally happen with Solar Hot Water Systems in Hawaii. In Maui, for instance, a full 3/4 of the days are sunny or at least partly sunny. Throughout the islands, the weather tends to be variable even within the same day; residents are accustomed to dealing with rain for a few hours while being able to look forward to sunshine later on. Solar batteries can be recharged practically every day, although there will be times when homeowners with solar hot water will need to delay doing laundry for a day or two. Some systems heat the water directly instead of converting sunshine to electricity, which then heats the water. That direct form of solar heat, as provided by a contractor such as The Sonshine Solar Corp., is significantly more efficient. Click here for information and contact details.

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