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by | Nov 12, 2015 | Healthcare Services

Home nursing is skilled nursing services that are provided in the home of the patient rather than in a hospital or other medical care facility. There is a host of situations where home care is the desired solution for those patients who may be only temporarily incapacitated such as those recuperating from an operation to those that are in need of long-term care. Many professionals that offer skilled nursing services work for home care companies that provide care to those with various needs.

The skilled nursing services that are offered are normally tailored to meet the specific needs of the patient. It may be that the patient only needs periodic care during the day, in this case the nurse will simply visit against a schedule at which time the nurse will attend to those tasks that cannot be done by caregivers. If no caregivers are on hand, the visiting nurse will drop by to check on the patient’s condition and give medication as given by the patient’s doctor. In other cases the patient may need full time attention; in cases like this the nurse will live on the premises.

Many patients as well as the family of the patient opt for skilled nursing services in the home because they do not wish to be confined to a hospital or other facility. In the event the patients doctor is of the opinion that the patient can be cared for just as well at home as in the hospital, he or she will not be reluctant to discharge the patient into the care of a nurse that will provide home care. There are many cases when the doctor will actually promote home care. As long as the patient stands little or no risk of any complications and their condition is stable, home nursing services are an ideal solution.

Skilled nursing services include the administration of prescription drugs, assistance with physical therapy if needed and the care of surgical sites. The nurse will make sure that any medical apparatus that may be in use is working properly. The nurse can help the patient with his or her personal needs such as toileting, bathing, grooming, etc. If the patient is well enough to venture outdoors the nurse can act as an escort thus ensuring that if there is a need for immediate medical attention, there is a skilled nurse at hand. A skilled home nurse uses their training to determine if there is a need for the patient to return to the hospital for intensive care, care that cannot be given in a home setting.

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