Being successful with a Social Security disability claim can be very stressful and frustrating for an individual when they’re applying without the help of a Social Security Disability Attorney in Melbourne FL. Although it’s not a requirement of Social Security that an individual hires an attorney, the process will proceed smoothly when an attorney is providing the legal assistance an individual needs. One mistake on an application or failing to submit all of the necessary information can result in a denial of a claim.

Denial Of Social Security Disability Benefits

The majority of individuals who apply for Social Security disability benefits are denied with their first application. When an individual is denied, they will have to follow the strict time limits to file an appeal. A Social Security Disability Attorney in Melbourne FL understands the criteria that need to be placed on an application and the medical information that needs to be submitted.

What Can Attorney Help With?

An attorney can make an accurate and honest assessment of an individual’s case and work towards a successful completion of a case. They can supply Social Security with all of the relevant evidence that’s needed and make sure it is in the language the administrators will understand. If additional evidence needs to be developed, an attorney will work with an individual’s doctors.


In some cases, an individual will have to attend a hearing and will be asked questions about their disability. An attorney can help an applicant prepare for the hearing and suggest how an individual should dress, the questions that might be asked, and how long a decision might take. This is a good time to present a case in the best light possible and receive an approval.

Choosing an attorney to represent you in a Social Security case is a very important decision. Only an experienced attorney should be hired. It’s important to review an attorney’s background and experience before agreeing to have them represent you in your case. Matheson, Horowitz & Devonmille have years of experience successfully representing individuals who apply for disability benefits. They will work diligently, so your claim is approved as quickly as possible.

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