In Alabama, a premise liability relates to any conditions inside or outside a property that could cause an injury. According to local laws, all property owners must mitigate the risk of injuries related to the liabilities. A Personal Injury Attorney in Tallassee AL offers guidance for victims of property-related injuries.

How Did the Injury Occur?

The conditions that led to the injuries are vital for the injury claim. The victim must explain their accident entirely to their attorney. Each detail of the accident is needed to build a comprehensive claim for the injury case. Among the most common instances that generate premise liabilities are spills, uneven flooring, and clutter.
Did the Owner Know About the Conditions?

Any knowledge of the hazardous conditions proves the accountability of the property owner. All owners must follow building codes and regulations related to unsafe conditions. The laws apply to commercial and residential property owners. If the owner knew about the unsafe conditions, they are liable for any injuries that resulted from the hazard.

How Severe were the Injuries?

Permanent conditions that have a major impact on the victim’s life and their family. Slip and fall accidents could generate traumatic brain injuries. The conditions could alter the victim’s personality completely and require long-term care. The outcome of the accidents incurs extensive medical costs for the family. When filing an injury claim, the victim or their family must present projected costs for care.

What Statutes Apply to Premise Liabilities?

The victim has a window of two years to file an injury claim according to the state statute of limitations. The claim should be started as soon as possible to allow an attorney to collect all evidence and start the proceedings. A failure to file before the statute runs out is a forfeiture of rights to compensation.

In Alabama, premise liabilities are failures by property owners to prevent on-site injuries. According to the laws, the owners must remove hazards around the property that could cause an injury. A failure to follow the law leaves the owner at risk of a lawsuit. Victims of a premise liability can contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Tallassee AL through Courtney & Mann LLP right now.

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