The line of steampunk clothing and accessories combines Victorian style along with an industrialised edge. It offers a futuristic take on the steam powered machines, which were run by a large number of levers and gears, while offering a classic Victorian style by adding top hats, corsets, bustles and a number of other accessories. Most steampunk clothing selections include an earthy undertone, mainly consisting of tans, coppers and browns that help to contribute to the vintage sepia tone.

What to Consider when Shopping for Steampunk Accessories and Clothing

There are a number of factors you need to consider when you begin shopping for steampunk accessories and clothing. The first thing you need to consider is if you want to purchase, or to create, your design. If you opt to design your look, it will allow you to make and entirely original piece, based on a design idea you have for a special occasion or event. You can also combine premade and original designs, which is one of the most popular options.

Corsets and Your Steampunk Look

Corsets are a staple in the steampunk look and style. They are offered in a few different selections from an over the bust style, or under the bust style. The primary colours that are used for this type of clothing include ivory, cream, brown and black. The type of material you should look for will vary based on how much you have to spend.

Leather is a universal fabric for the majority of steampunk looks, but you can find corsets offered in satin polyester fabric, as well. If you purchase a corset with no adornments, you can make it mesh better with the “steampunk” style by adding pocket watches, gears or chains.

Other Types of Steampunk Clothing

In addition to corsets, which is a must for any women’s look, you will also find a number of other clothing options that go with this fashion trend. From men’s pants and bustle skirts for women, the trend embraces all that is offered by the Victorian era, with adornments that create a unique, industrialised appearance.

If you are shopping for clothing to mesh with this trend, it is essential that you consider the information here. While there is no wrong way to embrace this style trend, utilising the guidelines here will allow you to find the look that is right for your needs.


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