Storefront Glass Repair in Fort Worth

by | Oct 17, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

When a company is in need of glass repair, they will want to hire a reliable company to do the job. Having the right service tend to storefront glass repair in Fort Worth is key as they will make the window stand out with minimal inconvenience to the store when the work is being done.

First, the company will come to the store to assess the glass in the front area. If the damage is extensive, they may recommend an entirely new pane be placed in this area. If the glass has a small chip or crack within the pane, it is possible they can make a repair easily on the spot.

Small repairs will be done using resin to fill in the void in the pane. This can be applied with a small applicator with ease. The resin will harden and the glass company will scrape away any excess, leaving the pane in a condition where the fix is unnoticeable to those passing by.

If a pane has a larger crack within the pane, the glass will need to be removed. The glass company will come prepared with temporary wood or plastic panels to install over the opening if they are unable to make the repair in one day. In most cases, the company will try their hardest to fill in the opening with a new pane of glass quickly. They will make a temporary fix to the crack with the resin to help secure it so it does not shatter while waiting for new glass to be cut. They will take measurements of the window frame and put in a rush order to have glass cut to fit.

As soon as the new glass is ready, a glass company will remove the old glass and place the new sheet in place. This is the desired fix as there will be no downtime in the store activities since the job can be done right away.

If someone is in need of a company that does storefront glass repair in Fort Worth, they do not need to look far. Call us at (817) 926-3381 to set up a time for an estimate and to get the process moving in repairing the glass promptly. To know more visit Layne Glass Services. You can also connect them on Facebook for more update.

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