If a young fruit tree has wilted branches because it is planted in an area that does not receive much sunlight, the following steps describe the steps necessary for Tree Removal in Weston CT. After a tree has been uprooted, it can replant in a new location that is more favorable.


  *   vinyl tarp

  *   large spade

  *   hand held a shovel

  *   water hose

  *   measuring tape

  *   bungee cords

  *   twine

  *   scissors

Removing A Fruit Tree From The Ground And Moistening Its Roots

A vinyl tarp should be laid next to a fruit tree. A large spade can be used to loosen soil that surrounds a tree. A hand held shovel can be used to remove dirt clumps that are next to a tree’s root system. Once a tree’s trunk is wobbly, grasping a trunk with both hands and pulling upwards will remove a tree’s root system from the ground. A tree should be laid on top of a vinyl tarp. A water hose can be used to moisten a tree’s root system, preventing them from drying out before a tree is replanted in a new location. A tree can be moved across a lawn by pulling the corners of a tarp.

Digging A Hole And Replanting A Tree

A spot that is level and that receives plenty of sunlight should be chosen for a tree’s new location. The width and length of a tree’s root system should be measured to determine how large a new hole should be. After digging a hole, a tree’s root system should be placed inside of it while firmly grasping a tree’s trunk. Shovelfuls of soil should be used to fill a hole. Securing one end of a bungee cord to a tree’s trunk and the other end of a cord to a stable item will prevent a tree from tipping. A bungee cord should remain in place for several weeks, allowing a tree’s root system to take hold. Watering the base of a tree each week will promote healthy growth.

Tree Removal in Weston CT can be completed by a company that provides Northeast Horticultural Services if an individual requests assistance. More information about tree services can be acquired by visiting Northeasthorticultural.com or a similar website.

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