Many owners wonder if synthetic oils are better for their vehicles? The Florida heat can be rough on your vehicle, and a European motor oil supplier in Florida will offer both traditional and synthetic oils, and depending on the needs of the vehicle, synthetic oil may be the better choice.

Is a Synthetic Oil the Right Option?

European synthetic motor oils offer high-performance results and are often the preferred choice over standard oils. These synthetic blends, which often include proprietary ingredients, offer a high level of protection from heat and friction. Synthetic oils are often the best option all year, as they help to prevent damage caused by cold, dry starts. Consumers that are looking for the best engine protection often choose synthetic oils.

Understanding European Motor Oil

A top European motor oil supplier in Florida will work with each customer to understand the requirements due to vehicle use and determine if a synthetic oil can improve the running and longevity of the engine. Synthetic European motor oil is appropriate for use in diesel and gas engines, and even those that are turbocharged. This type of lubricant allows the engine to run cooler and stronger and can extend the time between necessary oil changes.

A comprehensive European motor oil supplier in Florida can advise which lubricant is the correct choice for all classes, models and makes of automobiles.

Jack Becker Distributors is a full-service lubricant supplier, founded in 1956, that offers a comprehensive line of lubricants for all types of vehicles. As a business-to-business distributor and a top European motor oil supplier in Florida, they understand the needs of all types of service providers and their staff is fully trained to meet the lubricant needs of commercial, trucking, and fleet enterprises as well as provide a wide range of automobile fluids.

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