Teeth Need Work? A Dentistry Practice in Kailua Can Help

by | May 28, 2013 | Dentistry

It’s important to find a dentist that believes that preventative dentistry is important. Dental patients should get into the habit of going to the dentist every six months. The dentist will clean their teeth and gums to ensure that there are no cavities or gum disease. However dentistry in Kailua is much more than having healthy teeth and gums, it’s also about making sure that people love their smiles. After the dental hygienist cleans the teeth, the dentist usually meets with the patient.

It’s at this time that the patient might express concern over their crooked teeth. Many people were too poor as children to have orthodontic work done. Now that they are older with a good job and dental insurance, they can afford to have their teeth straightened. However they might feel self-conscious about wearing braces in their early Thirties. The dentist can reassure them that they aren’t too old. He can also tell them about Invisalign clear retainers. These cannot be seen when they are being worn. People won’t have a clue that the person is having their teeth straightened until they notice their teeth are straighter!

Missing teeth are a sign of hard economic times. Unemployed people don’t have dental insurance and employed people can’t afford to pay their share of expensive dental treatments, so they’ll often tell the dentist to just pull the tooth out. When the economy gets better they decide that they can fill the gap left by the missing tooth. If they haven’t waited too long, they might be a candidate for a dental implant. When the jaw bone doesn’t have a tooth to hold in place, it is reabsorbed and becomes much smaller. So if they’ve waited a few years, their might not be enough jaw bone to hold the implant. A surgeon might be able to perform a bone graft. After that is healed the dentist can screw in the implant and then put a porcelain crown on that.

Even if all of the teeth in a patient’s mouth are beyond repair, that doesn’t mean that a dentistry practice in kailua can’t help them. Today’s dentures are far more realistic than those from previous decades. They are more comfortable and don’t slip as much.

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