There are many things that can lead to broken pipes. If you’re lucky, pipes will crack or burst during the hours when a plumber can respond immediately. Unfortunately, there’s often a wait between the time you notice the damaged pipe and the arrival of the plumber. Fortunately, there are some repairs you can do to prevent more extreme damages as you wait for the professional to arrive at complete necessary cracked pipes repair in Riverdale, GA.

Shut Off the Water

The first thing you should do is shut down all of the water to your home and/or property. With the water shut off, you should locate the faucet at the lowest point and drain out any remaining water. You could also prepare the damaged area of the pipe by cleaning it off and drying it before the technician arrives.

Tiny Hole Repairs

If you have tiny little holes causing the trouble, you can provide a temporary stop with a sharp pencil. The graphite will conform to the shape of the hole and, with a few wraps of electrical or duct tape, you can use your water temporarily until the plumber arrives. This quick cracked pipes repair in Riverdale, GA is just for emergencies and shouldn’t be considered a permanent solution.

Clamp Down on Bigger Holes

If the hole is bigger, use some epoxy putty or hose clamps and a bit of old bicycle tire to stop the leak. Follow the instructions on the epoxy to appropriately prepare it. Once it has hardened, the repair should hold until the plumber is able to provide a lasting repair. If the stores are closed and you don’t have epoxy, prepare a patch from a bicycle tire or garden hose. Cut a piece large enough to cover the hole and extend a few inches beyond the hole. Apply one or more hose clamps to seal the rubber patch.

Extended Wait Times

If you have to wait for the plumber for a long period of time, you may want to purchase a repair kit from a home improvement store. Some of these kits will keep the water flowing for a weekend or so until the professional arrives to complete cracked pipes repair in Riverdale, GA. Contact Hammond Services for more information.

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