Termites in Phoenix, AZ Can Be Controlled

by | Sep 12, 2016 | Pest Control

Homeowners often worry about termites in Phoenix, AZ. However, an infestation can be controlled when you contact the right pest management company. You can view more information about various infestations by visiting Alliance-pestmanagement.com. Through visiting this site, you can get a better idea about the methods used to locate termites as well as how to control the problem.
Signs of a Termite Infestation

Your property may have termites if you see bubbles exterior paint, mud tubes, or any damage to your home’s wood. Whether you are a commercial property owner or if you own a residence, you need to act quickly to remediate the issue. Choose a company that has solid experience in this area of pest management.

You may not realize this, but in Phoenix alone, there is an average of about 12 termite colonies per acre. Plus, each colony usually contains about one million termites. To add insult to injury, research also shows that termites can cause more damage than both fires and floods combined.

Performing an Inspection

However, a termite is not the only insect that can destroy wood. That is why it is essential to have your property inspected by a knowledgeable pest control technician. A technician will visually inspect your property to see if termite colonies or other insects are present. A wood infestation inspection can uncover powder post beetles, mold, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, or even dry rot. Identifying the source of the problem is the first step towards obtaining a comprehensive action plan.

Because buying a piece of real estate is a large expenditure, you need to make sure that you have the property regularly inspected for pests. Even if a lender does not require an inspection, it will still help you to identify any potential problems with insects, which in turn will save you greatly on costly repairs.

If you are selling your property, contact a pest management company to perform a pre-listing inspection. That way you can market your property while knowing that it is free from any infestations. If a problem is discovered, affordable treatments and/or warranties can be transferred to the buyer.

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