Tennis court construction and repair in Tampa FL are faced with various court surfaces; hard courts which are usually concrete, grass courts and clay courts. There are good and bad points about all of them and they all play differently. Despite the disadvantages, clay courts are considered to be a premium surface and if there is a clay court available people will usually take it over other surfaces. Players like the softness of a clay court; it acts as a shock absorber which makes this court surface better for ones legs.

A clay court also plays slower than other surfaces thus giving the player more time to reach the ball upon its return, the result is longer rallies and certainly more exercise. As the ball is coming in reasonably slow, the stress upon impact between the ball and the racket on the players arm is less. As there usually are more off center hits when playing on clay, the reduction in arm stress is quite noticeable to the player.

When the people who undertake tennis court construction and repair in Tampa FL sit and talk to their potential clients talk usually comes around to the fact that players have longer to think about their next shot. It is difficult for an opponent to score a point with a quick put-away so those who tend to rely on one massive shot to win the point, this is especially noticeable on serve, often find clay to be a difficult surface for them.

As clay is a much cooler surface than concrete or asphalt it is often the surface of choice in areas of the country where the temperature is reasonably high as well as the humidity. Clay courts are not as prevalent in the South West for example as the dry air means the courts need frequent watering. In areas like Florida this is not the case as the air contains more water.

When the clay court is freshly groomed there is no dispute over line calls as the ball leaves a distinctive mark upon impact. If it hits on the line of course there may be discussion but most often a tell-tale mark is left. When using the court surface to determine the ball impact point, it is always fair to erase the mark so that it is not mistaken when marks occur later in the game.

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