If you wear eyeglasses regularly, you may find that contacts make it a little easier to live life. You aren’t continually pushing up the eyewear or risking them falling from your face. However, contacts can also be hard to wear and can cause itching, burning, and other unpleasant problems. You may want to consider Lasik surgery in Libertyville instead.

Improve Vision

Many studies have shown that almost all patients who receive the surgery can improve their vision and about 85 percent can have perfect vision once more. It just takes one session to enhance your vision and allow you to see more clearly.


Lasik in Libertyville is designed to be a permanent solution to your vision problem. However, there is a stabilization period of at least three months so that your eyes can adjust. You won’t require follow-up procedures, except in extreme circumstances and your improved eyesight should last, except for regular vision loss because of aging.

Quick Recovery

While you won’t be able to drive and do everything you want immediately after your surgery, many people can return to their normal activities a day or so after the procedure. Near-perfect or perfect vision could be achieved in one day, allowing you to enjoy the things you’ve forgotten.

No More Glasses/Contacts

One of the most significant benefits of the surgery is that you won’t have to wear glasses or contacts anymore. You can save a lot of money on eyewear because you’ll be able to see without it. Plus, you won’t have to deal with touching the eyes and the burning sensation of contacts ever again.

Lasik in Libertyville can have a profound effect on those who are required to wear glasses to see. Visit Jacksoneye today to learn more about this procedure.

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