In terms of speed, this cutting method is slower than the process of cutting with a laser or plasma. That just may be the only drawback to Water Jet Cutting in Seattle, WA. This method of cutting materials is the most cost-effective, so outsourcing the process is not expensive. Depending on the frequency of the needs for precision cutting, it may even save the business money over purchasing a machine for in-house cutting.

Other Savings Experienced

When a company that has been in business for decades, such as Specialty Metals, is hired to perform cutting services for business, the owner saves money on many levels. In addition to saving the purchase price, owners are also saving money on operational expenses, payroll, and rental fees for the facility because less space is needed.

Special ventilation systems are needed to handle the dust emitted by Water Jet Cutting in Seattle, WA. Training is required for operators, and utility bills are higher. Those costs are eliminated when cutting is completed off-site. Business owners will be wise to compare all those costs to the cost of outsourcing to determine which makes more sense for the business.


The biggest advantages include the ability to cut virtually any material and to cut vertically as well as horizontally. Plasma and lasers are only ideal for cutting metal and some other materials. A water jet cutter can penetrate any material with precision and less wasted materials. The lack or heat or gases mean materials are not altered as they are cut or melted away as part of the cutting process.

The capacity to cut vertically expands design possibilities, creativity, and the ability to create unique pieces. A business can have innovative signage created to stand out from the competition. A sculptor or artist can see visions become a reality, and a do-it-yourself homeowner can install a gate that is one-of-a-kind. Prototypes can be cut for inventors to demonstrate a working model to investors.

Complex electronic components can also be cut both horizontally and vertically to assist in making devices smaller and still more powerful. Some companies provide cutting services for a single piece or one-time order as well as high-volume production. Individuals and business owners will want to Browse the website to explore options.

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