While medical research has expanded the surgical and treatment procedures for a wide range of health issues, the field of cosmetic procedures is expanding at an even faster rate. Adding to the line of treatments for stubborn pockets of fat on the body is the new technology in Laser Smartlipo in Los Angeles.

Traditional Liposuction

Before discussing Laser Smartlipo in Los Angeles, it is important to review traditional liposuction and various types of liposuction. In these procedures, many which are completed in hospitals or specialized clinics, multiple larger incisions are strategically placed around the area of the body to be treated.

The doctor then inserts a cannula, a hollow tube, into the fatty tissue and, using a high-powered vacuum system, literally removed the fatty tissue. The doctor, even with experience and expertise, has very little ability to finely contour or shape the surrounding tissue, which may be problematic on some areas of the body.

After traditional liposuction, there is often significant swelling and bruising, as well as the need to carefully monitor the areas of the incision. Depending on where these are this can mean a few days at home after the procedure to avoid clothing rubbing on the incision sites.

The New Era of Laser Smartlipo in Los Angeles

Today, clients have the option to elect to use Laser Smartlipo in Los Angeles. This is a very different produced and one which is considered minimally invasive and, therefore, has fewer risks of side-effects and problems with infections after the procedure.

With Laser Smartlipo in Los Angeles, the laser first delivers a specially designed pulse or blast of light that the doctor directs towards the fatty tissue. This light actually liquefies the fatty tissue, and also stimulates the surrounding tissue.

The liquefied fatty tissue is much easier to remove in a small cannula, creating less trauma to the surrounding tissue. In addition, the stimulation of the laser helps to boost or enhance the production of collagen in the surrounding tissue, pulling the skin tight and not leaving a sagging or pouch-like area as seen with traditional liposuction.

A highly trained clinic and doctor performing Laser Smartlipo in Los Angeles can also contour or sculpt the body through the procedure. This eliminates the ridges and the irregularities often seen with traditional liposuction, and also greatly reduces recovery time and any possibility of scarring at the incision sites.

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