A tummy tuck, more correctly known as an abdominoplasty, is a way to remove fat and skin from the abdominal area. For some patients this procedure is completed after weight loss or after pregnancy to eliminate primarily excess skin. For other patients stubborn abdominal fat can be removed with the procedure as well as excess skin.

A Good Candidate

Not all patients wanting to address excess fat or skin in the abdominal area are considered to be good candidates for the procedure. This is most commonly seen when weight loss is still ongoing and the patient has not reached their final desired goal.

Good candidates for a tummy tuck will be in good overall health, have a clear understanding of the results of the procedure, and will be non-smokers who will follow through on all post-surgical care recommendations.

The Procedure

There are different incision lengths used in the procedure based on the specific issues to be addressed by the tummy tuck. The incision can extend from the pelvic bones down across the top of the pubic area. It is also common for an incision to be made around the navel to allow for correct positioning once the excess skin and fatty tissue have been removed. The procedure will typically last approximately one to three hours.

During the procedure the internal abdominal muscles are typically tightened as well, leaving a flatter abdominal area. This means this procedure requires both internal and external healing.

Recovery after a Tummy Tuck

After surgery for a tummy tuck, it is important to follow all instructions provided by your surgeon. This may include wearing compression garments and having small tubes inserted in the area to remove excess fluids. These will typically be removed as quickly as possible, usually not more than 10 days from the procedure.

Most people will be restricted as to what they can do for up to a week after the tummy tuck. Then, once cleared by your doctor, you can slowly begin to go back to normal activities.

The rate and speed of healing after a tummy tuck is determined by many factors. Generally within a month to two months most people will be able to go back to normal activities but not highly strenuous or intense activities.

Your doctor will schedule several meetings during your recovery time after your tummy tuck to check on your progress. Be sure to read all information provided and seek medical attention if you notice any swelling, signs of infection or pain in the area.

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