A Class Action lawsuit is brought by one or more people on behalf of a class, or larger group of similar people. Everyone in the class must share the same factual or legal issues, and the group must contain enough people that it would be cumbersome for each person to bring an individual claim. Below are listed some examples of class actions.

1. People harmed by a defective product

2. A group of employees with a complaint against management

3. Residents of an area affected by an environmental catastrophe

4. Investors who lost everything in an investment scam

How are Class Members Notified of an Impending Lawsuit?

Because a class action suit often represents thousands of people, it can be hard to notify everyone affected. The court usually requires that class members be notified via US mail, but when addresses and names aren’t known, the court will allow notification by an ad in a magazine or newspaper. A notification by television or radio ad may also be accepted.

Class action notifications must state the purpose of the suit and the represented class. These notices typically list the information of the lawyers representing the class, so that class members can call for advice. If you receive a class action notice, read it carefully and submit a form, opt out or contact your attorney as required.


In many cases, parties settle class action suits without going to court. A settlement occurs when parties make an agreement that’s fair to everyone and the court approves the settlement. Class members are typically notified by mail or by publication in print or visual media. Read settlement notices carefully, as they contain information on your legal rights.

As a Class Member, What do I Get?

Each lawsuit’s benefits vary according to the legal action. Class members are entitled to a portion of the monetary recovery, but in large classes, the less each member gets. Members may also receive free services or products, or a rebate.

How does a Class Action Affect my Rights?

If you are a part of a class action suit, it’s important for you to realize that you’re bound by the court’s judgement -; and you will have no recourse if you don’t like the outcome of the case. In some cases, it may be better to hire Edward L White PC Attorney At Law and handle your own lawsuit instead of participating in the class action.

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