The Benefits Of A Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer In Pennsylvania

by | Nov 8, 2013 | Lawyer

Your preferred Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer In Pennsylvania defends you in a court of law when you are arrested and charged with a crime. He or she builds your criminal defense on your testimony and evidence that is secured through further investigation. The prosecution presents its case based on evidence acquired through law enforcement agencies. For this reason, it is up to your preferred attorney to present a strong case with sufficient evidentiary support.

Criminal Cases and Waiting Periods

Individuals who are accused of criminal charges may spend months if not years in county lockup awaiting a trial date. By hiring an attorney to represent you, it is possible for you to receive bail and become released within the first forty-eight hours after you are arrested. This is, however, based on when you are arrested and the rules and regulations of the county jail.

Your selected attorney comprehends methods needed to negotiate with the judge to allow your release and to present you with a chance to fight these charges. However, you should take into consideration that in some cases that are severe in nature; the judge may not allow this option. For instance, the accused in a murder case in which malicious intent is probable is less likely to receive bail and may remain in the county jail until their case goes to trial.

Local Criminal Defense

In Philadelphia, the Kotik and Kenny Law Firm offers legal counsel for anyone who is charged with a criminal infraction. These attorneys represent individuals who are facing drug charges, probation violations, and other felony charges. They will build a strong defense case for you and fight for an acquittal of all charges. To hire these attorneys you may contact them directly at the number listed on their website.


A Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer in Pennsylvania is well-versed in criminal legal proceedings. An attorney that is prominent in this law field is highly aware of methods used to create strong legal defense cases and present them during a trial. He or she understands tactics for offering evidence and testimony to the jury to persuade them that reasonable doubt exists, and all charges should be dropped.


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