There are numerous benefits to protecting your oriental carpet with a rug pad. A rug pad protects not only the underside of the carpet, but it protects your flooring. Since most people place area carpets over wood or tile flooring, having a non-skid padding that protects the flooring is important. If you purchase a generic rug pad from the store and try to fit it to the carpet yourself, you may find that you get frustrated trying to make it just right. You can purchase custom fit rug pads in The Woodlands, TX area that are custom created to work with the exact measurements and thickness or your individual carpet.

Prevent Slips and Falls

There’s nothing worse than walking across an area rug and have it slip underneath your feet. Not only is this dangerous, but it’s a hassle to constantly have to rearrange the carpet and it can damage the flooring underneath the rug. Some people try putting non-slip material on the corners of area rugs, but this doesn’t always work well enough to prevent slippage, and it certainly doesn’t protect the flooring.

With custom fit rug pads found in The Woodlands, TX area oriental rug owners can insure that the carpet won’t slip and that the flooring underneath won’t become scratched or faded over time. Custom fit rug pads adhere to the underside of your oriental rug. When you place it on the floor, the pad will prevent the rug from moving and will provide a softer feel to the carpet. Because there’s a pad between the flooring and the carpet, it’s much more comfortable to walk across a padded oriental rug than an unpadded rug.

Prevent Premature Wear and Tear

As a carpet moves repeatedly along the surface of the floor, it begins to wear. As the underside wears, it will begin to affect the look and feel of the top side of the rug. With custom fit rug pads, The Woodlands, TX homeowners don’t have to worry about premature wear and tear on an expensive oriental carpet. The rug will not shift and slide around, which allows the bottom to remain intact and in good shape. The additional padding also helps the top side of the carpet remain fluffy and not become worn down prematurely.
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