The Benefits of Deep House Cleaning in Olathe

by | Jan 29, 2015 | Cleaning

If you are moving, you may be in need of deep house cleaning in Olathe. Deep cleaning is a great way to get back all of your deposits before you leave your old apartment or home. You do not have to worry about cleaning up the place in the midst of packing and moving, which is nice as well.

Assess the House

Before you hire deep house cleaning in Olathe you should assess the area and see if there are any trouble spots that might need extra care, like inside of the oven. List these areas and also list the square footage of the space. Make a list of what things the landlord will be looking for so that they know what areas to clean specifically. Check a rental agreement to see if anything is stipulated.


Before you hire deep house cleaning in Olathe you should research different companies. You should have at least five companies listed before you call them to obtain a quote, and you should ensure all of your potential companies are listed on the BBB.


It is important that you know your moving schedule or create one if you don’t have it. Try and give yourself one or two extra days before the lease expires so that the deep house cleaning in Olathe can come in and do what they do best. This will give them a chance to clean the vacated space without your furniture or boxes in the way. If you are moving far away, you might need to hire the cleaning crew before you move out so that you can be present if they need anything. Before they arrive, try and remove all of your packed boxes, or at least put them in the middle of every room. Remove everything from the fridge and the freezer, and if they need to access any unique spots such as behind the fridge, make sure the space is clear for them before they arrive.

Before you hire the deep house cleaning in Olathe you should ask them how many people can be sent at one time and how long they expect the cleaning to take. If you have a preference for the time of day, make that known before you hire the company. Many companies charge by the house so you should be prepared for the length of time it might take. If you are concerned about hazardous materials, check that the company uses green friendly cleaning products. This can be particularly beneficial if you have children or pets still around at the time of cleaning. And when they first arrive, give them a tour of the space and point out the trouble areas so that they know what to tackle.

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