When a homeowner decides it is time to upgrade their existing flooring, they can quickly become overwhelmed by all of the available choices. Carpet may be a good option for those who have budget constraints, and many choose tile for its ease of installation and cleaning. While both are viable, one of the most popular is hardwood flooring in Glenview, as it provides a timeless look that is easy to clean and will help increase the value and inner beauty of any age or style home.

Life Expectancy

Hardwood floors can last a lifetime, and many homes that are a hundred years old still have the original flooring material that was installed during the construction of the property. While installing hardwood floors can be expensive, it is an investment that will last and can help to increase the value of a home exponentially. Other than refinishing every 20-30 years, hardwood floors require no other maintenance to provide years of natural beauty.

Finish Choices

Hardwood floors are sanded and stained after they are installed, and the homeowner can choose any color they want for the staining process. A lighter finish can provide a more traditional appeal, and darker stains can provide a more modern and contemporary look. A homeowner can also choose to mix several stains together to create a customized look that will match the home and their taste perfectly.

Durability and Stain Resistance

When it comes to durability and stain resistance, no other flooring option available can match that of hardwood flooring in Glenview. In addition to being completely resistant to stains, it is also extremely durable and will not wear down like carpet, tile, or linoleum. Individuals with pets and children can benefit from its durability, as it will retain its natural beauty and luster for years without requiring a significant amount of maintenance.

Choosing a flooring product can be a complicated process, but hardwood products make it simple. Contact American Capet Distributors to learn more about their full line of custom wood flooring products, and take the first step in making any home more beautiful. Click here to find out more, and see how easy and affordable upgrading a home’s flooring should be.

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